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The Litter Group

Our Eco Group is Litter.  At the Litter Group we have been learning about how to prevent litter, what the true meaning of litter is, etc.  A lot of people have mistaken this but the actual meaning of litter is anything in a place it shouldn’t  be.

We went litter picking and due to our finding we found out that most of the litter is not caused by the pupils of Gourdon School; we have found things such as weights and McDonalds cups in the playground.

We have found out about what types of litter dissolve faster than others.

Lastly, we have made posters with catchy slogans on them to help encourage people not to litter as much.  As we talked about putting a litter bin next to the trim-trail for that was where we found most of the litter.  I hope this has given you insight into what we have been doing here.

By Ben and Emma