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Recycle GroupIn the Recycling Group we have been trying to recycle more.  We have been checking the paper bins and have started two new competitions.

One is that, in each class we are going to see who has the most re-fillable bottles – REWARD.  Class marbles will be given for the most re-fillable bottles.

The other competition is to see who has the least paper in their paper bin, this is so we can encourage people to use their paper tray if the paper is re-usable – REWARD, marbles.

Earth Day – Recycled Art Competition – who can in their classes make the best art project out of things that have been recycled.  Also on that day we are going to have a paper free day – for the whole school we are going to try and use no paper.

Food Bank – the Recycling Group are encouraging people to bring in food for the food bank.

Ink Cartridges and Mobile Phones – we are also encouraging people to bring in ink cartridges.  Also, if people bring in old mobile phones we send them away and get money for them.  We are going to collect batteries too.

Thank you!

By Aimee and Eilidh